Japanese Car Festival (Dashi Matsuri) is held every year from the month of April through the beginning of May.
There are 4 cars (dashi) in the local district and 31 cars in the city.
Once in five years, the festival involving 31 cars is held in autumn. The next festival will be held in the year of 2027.


The Handa Unga (canal) that is used as the drainage system and to prevent the water flooding was made before the Genroku era generation. According to the people who ever used this canal, a lot of Chita peninsula products such as liquor, vinegar, textile and also many local residents were transported through this canal.

In the picture, the Ikada raft race competition at Handa canal, in which the rafts are handmade (July). The ‘koinobori’ (the carp streamer) is displayed in from the month of May to April.



In Handa JR Handa station, there are Handa city railroad museum and C11 steam locomotive that is displayed by Japan National Railways.


Handa city is located to the east of the Chubu International Airport (Centrair) of Tokoname. It is situated in the central part of the peninsula, and in summer people can enjoy sea bathing and fireworks.